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Good Health And Education
Is Your Everything

The enterprising health, opening energy for health progress and success.

I am, You are - We are Fitness Activist!

Connecting positive feelings and happiness to better health, We believe that, every individual has personal Potential, Talent and GoodIYI to develop, thrive and share, And if significant number of people possess more and better education, good health and eco-healthy environment, the world will be a better place to live, grow, progress and succeed.

Do air breathing intensive exercises.

Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

That being said, I have never come across a health website as monumental in it is significance - and as timely - as the one I am about to introduce to you here and now.

Our real time practice guides you into a deeply relaxed state, then sends powerful healing practice suggestions directly to our subconscious - which runs your immune system.

Your body was designed to be healthy, as it has an enormous amount of natural self-healing mechanisms designed to keep you well - though stress can at times put this system out of balance.

Tomorrow belongs to those who can here it coming. ~ Davit Bowie

Yes, It Is Possible

Perfect - It Is All In The Mind

Together we can. Together with great health and fitness, courage, integrity and passion you can embrace your creativity, health responsibility and fitness productivity to co-create a world where each of us, our families, businesses, communities, and our WORLD can flourish.

Together we can.

Together we can pursue success and progress.

Together we can be people with mission of value.

Together we can be We Can people.

Together we can be people with dreams of value.

Together we can work together for a better world and progress.

Together we can be great team of progressive people.

Yes, We Can. Together we will be a good health and great fitness team.

Just like many outstanding people we have one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission for good health, fitness growth, progress and success.

Choose your reactive behaviors.

With great health, courage, integrity and passion we embrace our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, our communities, and our WORLD can flourish.

We value and respect matters of value such as:

Good Health and Fitness - Open Minded Learning

Be a individual whit purpose in life.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. ~ Henry Ford

Hello Young Leaders Of The World . This is us. Mamadomia org needs your support, collaborative assistance and cooperative help in order to provide reciprocal support, collaborative assistance and coherent help to enhance eco-healthy children, support young talent utilisation and cooperatively help earth sustainability progress for generations to come.

Everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.

We are success today because We have friends, members and clients who believe in us and we do not have the heart to let them down.

We believe what matters most, matters most and that can be progressively evolve and successfully achieve with our open learning revolutionary flow system collaborated and incorporated coherently with the advancements of the technological revolution and global networking innovation that is making a core difference to the world and life for the better.

'I don't know' has become 'I don't know yet'. ~ Bill Gates

The fixed mindset can negatively impact all aspects of your life, But when you start viewing things as mutable, the situation gives way to the bigger picture.

We salute and honour things and qualities of value such as:

Good Health and Fitness - Creative Minded Learning

Be a individual whit your own dreams in life.

Healthy citizen are the greatest asset any country can have. ~ Winston Churchill

To build a vibrant and supportive community of creative and innovative people and environment by markedly expanding opportunities to connect and explore progressive ideas. We believe if more and more people utilize their potential, learn, develop and have more and better health, education and eco-healthy environment, the world will be a better place to live.

Design your vision statement to clearly communicate what you are working to achieve in a way that people can remember it and communicate this to others.

We are elite NPO/NGO organization of selected individuals and organisations, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs from across the globe. Our mission include to recognize successful individuals in multiple industries by providing an exceptional forum for networking, consulting, exposure and credibility for the purpose of broadening one's future success.

We will refer to as human value as we take a deeper look at this element. Human value recognizes that all people have feelings and that being valued matters to them. It also recognizes that appreciating a person?s talents and helping him achieve his potential encourages him. He becomes fired up and feels more connected to the group when he is part of a culture that embraces human value.

Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out of it alive. ~ Elbert Hubbard

Take A Moment To Appreciate Your Accomplishments.

We value, respect, salute and honour things, qualities and matters of value such as:

Good Health and Fitness - Innovative Oriented Learning

You must be success, growth and progress.

When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back up. ~ Les Brown

Each one of us has a personal identity, in other words, how we think about ourselves. This internal identity is shaped by a host of factors, such as where we grew up, how we were raised, the schools we attended, and the people and events in our lives that influenced our beliefs and our aspirations. Our identities are expressed externally in where we work, what organizations we belong to other than work, what we wear, what we drive, where we live, and so on. Identity influences almost everything we do.Savvy marketers understand this and shape brands to appeal to how we like to think of ourselves. Organizations have identities too.I like to think of identity as the story of an individual or organization.

Choose to develop your own thought patterns and beliefs that ring true to who you really are, want to be, and are actively working toward.

There are people who think that the human mind cannot be reduced to the study of well-defined mechanisms and their interactions. This view, however, is a limiting belief that has prevented us from exploring and understanding the mind. Fortunately, using the maps and mechanisms of NLP, this barrier no longer exists.

You - the ones who have the strength to sustain, talent, abilities and courage to carry out the humanity advancement, enhancement and changes for a better world thrive, are the ones that count. That`s how it is. Else the humanity would be in a void of progress to sustain. But It Is Not, and that is the actual fact.

Apply It. It's all right because, We enhance education, we empower health, we develop assets and invest for a better world thrive and progress.

The success gene lives in every person regardless of the results they are presently getting - we are spiritual beings and spirit is always for expansion and fuller expression.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Automatic success mechanism turn on all the time.

The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them. ~ Benjamin Jowett

Just because something does not do what you planned it to do, does not mean it is wrong and useless.


How the person I would like to be will do the things I am about to do?

Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer?

What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your self?

Key worlds of value to learn and utilize.

enterprising , opening , health, success, successful, growth, progress, purpose, guidance, values, passion, vision, principles, mission, goals, objectives, guide, tips, trust and leads.

We believe in You - Join us



  • We use sensory reach visions and vivid imagination to set a stage for our achievements.
  • We know how and when to acquire and develop essential knowledge and skills.
  • We are open minded innovation development, creative organization.
  • We have deep rutted believe in the ability to achieve. We are self insured with self trust.
  • We are passionate about open learning flow and open healing eco-health progress, researching, problem solving, innovating and discovering things for more and better life, world thrive and progress.

Challenging the known and embracing the unknown for more and better values, life and progress.


MAMADOMIA NET CONSORTIUM Group (group of organisations and companies joint venture) is a 
collection of not for profit parent, subsidiary, associate organisations, 
but not limited to private companies or business entities for profit, that functions as 
a single holding fund associated entity through a common source of control and decision making body. 
The concept of Mamadomia Foundation is frequently used in public company by laws to attribute 
the rights and duties of one member of the group to another or the whole. 

When the Mamadomia Foundation associated organisations are engaged in entirely independent businesses 
and or state or international branches, the members of the group is considered a conglomerate 
member of the MAMADOMIA NET CONSORTIUM Global Development Group.

Consortium incorporate entities (by laws) 

MAMADOMIA PTY LTD,                         ACN 143 401 469 

MAMADOMIA NET CONSORTIUM Foundation Co-founders:
Vahlinov Andy Freedman 
Anna Elisabeth Malter    
Chris Costello  
Penelope Korber 

Associated patron business entities  

HEALINGDOM, BN 11555907  

Join talented, ambitious people seeking to outperform ourselves and everyone else. Be part of a the organisation that has a great heart, is generous and seeks to be an outstanding global citizen of value.

Here you will discover ideas, techniques, and tools you can use right away. Whether you are a student, career professional, or retired here is valuable information and resources for you.

Bookmark this lesson and read it every day until your are ready to utilize it in practice.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. We are here to fulfil our purpose, mission, goals, dreams and vision.

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Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind do not matter and those who matter do not mind.

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